Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

Do you have an interesting business idea and would you like to open a start-up, or have you already opened one, but you need a lot of help, and advice from more experienced people to start your climb to success? Have you already taken part in several meetings and unsuccessful programmes that only wasted your time and money, but you still have a strong desire to open your innovative business?

Whether you are in this situation or you simply want to expand your range of expertise in the entrepreneurship and business world by doing significant experience abroad, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is the project for you!


What is Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a stay-abroad programme, funded by the European Commission, that will allow you to live a unique business experience in more than 45 countries across 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania.

The aim is to bring the new generations closer to the business world and provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully create and manage a start-up in Europe. Thus, young people have the opportunity to start a journey of a maximum of 6 months during which entrepreneurs will host them. They are key actors of already established realities with a solid experience behind them, ready to act as mentors and exchange their know-how together with valuable advice. 

Who is eligible for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?

The addressees of the programme are students, workers, or unemployed without age limits, residing in one of the European Union countries or in one of the countries participating in the programme: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Canada, South Korea, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, United Kingdom, Serbia, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United States.

New young entrepreneurs who seriously want to start a business based on a concrete business project or people who have already established a company within the last 3 years may participate. Your future or current company can operate in any sector. There are currently no restrictions in this regard.

If you think that your business idea is not ready for this type of project yet or if you are still in the middle of your university career, don’t give up! Other can’t-miss European opportunities will allow you to gain experience abroad, such as Erasmus Traineeship or ESC galaxy projects.

How does Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs work?

You can do this experience from 1 to 6 months, choosing whether to do it continuously or in several stages of the duration of at least one week each. Despite the opportunity to divide the project into several stages, it must be completed within a maximum of 12 months. There are several destinations, such as all the EU member states and many others across North, South, and Central America, Asia, and Oceania.

Once you passed the application phase, explained here, you will be supported by a local organization from your territory, which will act as an intermediary to identify a compatible hosting company, by establishing a contact and simplifying the interaction between the parties. 

If the parties agree, you will proceed to the next stage where you will sign a commitment to quality. This document will specifically define the objectives of the exchange, the programme of the activities, the expected results from the months spent in the hosting company, the dates, and the respective mutual responsibilities that they are committed to ensuring so that objectives and results can be achieved successfully.

Why should you do Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?

Overall, it is a unique experience that is incomparable in terms of quality and offer. The high level of the programme will allow you to be hosted by successful companies and start-ups in all corners of the world, from the United States to Singapore, passing through the big European capitals. In the months you will spend together with the hosting companies you will be able to take advantage of a training opportunity in the field of extremely high quality.

Simultaneously, you will get the chance to build a valuable international network that can be crucial for the next steps of your adventure as an entrepreneur. This experience will allow you to look out on the international markets by directly getting you in touch with foreign companies, institutions, and organisations with which you will have the opportunity to build new partnerships in order to grow your reality.

How can you apply?

If you want to apply to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, simply visit this website and apply through the corresponding portal, by entering your Curriculum Vitae, a motivational letter, a business model of your entrepreneurial idea, and other useful data such as geographical preferences, areas of work and much more. For this phase, we recommend requesting the support of one of the local centers that you can find on the official page of the programme

What financial support can you receive?

You will receive financial support in the form of a monthly budget, aimed at covering travel and accommodation costs. The support received is determined on a flat-rate basis according to the country of destination’s cost of living. The table with the monthly quotas determined by country can be consulted at this link.

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