Traineeship VET

Have you recently graduated from a technical or professional training institute and would you like to have an experience abroad? A new kind of traineeship that allows you to travel across the world and practice what you have learned or you are still learning. What if we told you that an Erasmus is the solution you are looking for? That’s right, Erasmus is not just for those who want to attend university!

There is an opportunity for those who want to carry out a traineeship and immediately enter the job market: the Traineeship for Vocational Education or simply Traineeship VET


What is the Erasmus Traineeship VET?

The Erasmus Traineeship VET, better known as VET, is a traineeship opportunity abroad, funded by the European Union, for students who are currently attending technical or professional training institutes or have recently graduated – within a year after getting their certificate. This opportunity allows you to carry out a unique experience in a foreign company thanks to a specific training programme based on your studies and needs.

The hosting organizations can be institutions, companies, and any other association related to the job market. The activities carried out during the traineeship vary significantly from one participant to another, as they are chosen and selected based on individual interests, inclinations, and goals. In any case, they are great opportunities to learn new techniques and unique skills that will take you one step ahead in the job market.

Who is eligible for a Traineeship VET?

There is no age limit to join an Erasmus Traineeship VET training programme. The only requirement is that you are attending a technical or professional training institute or that you have completed your studies within one year before applying.

How does Traineeship VET work?

If you want to participate in this project, you first need to check whether the school or organisation is eligible for the Erasmus+ programme. You can ask your administration office at school and they will help you. After that, you need to find a company or institution where you will carry out your traineeship. If you don’t have any ideas or personal contacts, don’t worry! Your school will help you find your perfect destination. 

Once you have found your traineeship destination, you need to fill out a Learning Agreement,i.e. a contract explaining all the activities and goals of your traineeship, as well as your rights and responsibilities. After the bureaucracy, it is finally time to pack up and leave to experience this unique adventure!

VET projects can last from 2 weeks to 12 months. You can carry out your traineeship in any of the several countries participating in the programme across all continents. You can carry out your traineeship in either a European country or a country like the charming United States, distant Japan, or the tropical island of Palau. The list of countries is very long and includes more than 150 destinations.

Why is a Traineeship VET important?

The Erasmus Traineeship VET is the perfect experience to make your studies unique, enriching you with new skills and improving your proficiency in a foreign language. The added value of this traineeship comes primarily from the connections you can make during the months spent abroad, which may be crucial for your professional future.

By stepping out of your comfort zone with a significant experience abroad, you will be one step ahead in the job market: potential employers will appreciate your hands-on experience in an international team and your enterprising spirit. Furthermore, if you live abroad, you will develop outstanding adaptive skills and learn how to be independent shortly. Don’t be afraid! Participating in a traineeship abroad allows you to practice in a safe context where you will constantly get support.

How can you apply to a Traineeship VET?

Your school or organisation will manage your application and departure. All you have to do is to contact the person in your school who is in charge of European and international projects. You can ask for further information from the administration office at your school and they will help you!

To keep updated on these opportunities, we suggest that you have a look and register for the eTwinning online platform. There the school staff of the participating countries can communicate, collaborate, develop projects, and share ideas. We also suggest that you check eVet, an online professional training platform.

What financial support can you receive?

Erasmus+ helps you finance your experience abroad. The financial support provided by the programme is variable but it usually covers the costs of travel, food, and accommodation during your traineeship. Your school or organisation will manage these funds and are responsible for payments. You may also receive financial support for learning the hosting country’s language for work.

And you? What are you waiting for? Hurry and get informed at your VET institute! Your traineeship is waiting for you!

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