Advocacy for Youth Employment (ADYE)

Advocacy for Youth Employment (ADYE) seeks to improve the capacities of youth organisations to advocate for youngsters’ rights in the post-pandemic framework with particular reference to employment.
Taking into consideration that the long-term effects of Covid-19 have just started unravelling, unemployment rates are expected to increase in the next semesters. This will inevitably result in a high percentage of young people being unemployed. This is particularly important because youth unemployment rises more sharply and recovers more slowly. This is even truer for youngsters belonging to minorities and/or groups with fewer opportunities, who are even more exposed to unemployment, working poverty or precariousness.
Specifically, the project seeks to: 
  • Develop skills of youth organisations and advocates, supporters, allies;
  • Exchange and establish replicable good practice models for advocacy;
  • Raise awareness with regards to youth unemployment and develop tools and methods to address it on the institutional level. ADYE primarily seeks to reinforce the links between research, policy and practice. 

To this end, the project will:

  • identify needs related to youth employment at local, regional and national level through field research
  • research and document successful advocacy initiatives on youth employment
  • develop and implement replicable models for advocacy for youth organisations.

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