ESTYD - Engendering solidarity

ESTYDEngendering solidarity: a transnational youth dialogue – is a transnational Youth Dialogue project aims at boosting the capacity of the youth sector at the local level, directly targeting young people, informal groups and youth organisations and help them to  implement local solidarity projects and youth participation activities around Europe.

In this project, we will be carry out both in-person and virtual events worldwide, such as:

  • a transnational partners meeting;
  • 3 international training courses involving youth leaders, coaches, and mentors involved in the youth sector;
  • a number of digital events, structured debates, and local actions between young people from Romania, Latvia, Italy, Germany, and Poland;
  • a green national dissemination tour in each participating country to create multiplier events and get to know stories from groups that have been engaged in their local communities thanks to EU programs.

Concrete results are our first goal, that’s why we would like to create a:

  • a Toolkit and practical guidelines for the development of participated and youth-led projects;
  • a European wide network of Young European Ambassadors involved in Solidarity Projects and Youth Participation activities that could act as multipliers in local and regional communities around Europe;
  • an annual publication showcasing stories and examples of successful projects from different countries that can be transformed into video reels (Instagram and Tik Tok) to become more attractive for younger generations.

Around 180 participants will be involved in the project activities and over 2.000 young people will be reached via the different digital events and during the green dissemination tour.