GAP - Young Activists for Participation

GAP is a participation activity born from the collaboration between some youth organizations . Since Spring 2020 they have come into contact to bring the voice and proposals of the new generations on the Italian political agenda.

In particular, all partners have been part of the “2021 Youth Network“, an informal initiative born from the commitment shared by over 70 organisations, including informal groups, associations, territorial hubs of international organisations but also youth organisations that focus exclusively on communicating the needs of the youth generation through communication campaigns on social media.

Between March and April 2021, the willingness to relaunch the experience of participation of the “2021 Youth Network” started from a smaller group of youth realities. They were able to more easily outline a shared action plan by distributing the forces and commitment of each partner to achieve ambitious results, even at the policy level.

Project management represents an opportunity for us to pave the way for future activities involving a greater number of organisations active in the field of youth, and to benefit from the results
previously achieved.

The main needs identified during the project management phase and, consequently, our focal points during project implementation are:

Producing quality information for young people, especially related to opportunities for professional training, non-formal learning, and European mobility

Creating spaces for dialogue and participation (both in presence and virtually) to constantly create ideas and proposals to
the attention of policymakers, from local/regional to European level

Engaging young people, who tend to be disinterested and/
or who enjoy fewer opportunities, due to economic, social, disability, or residence difficulties in rural areas and often lack essential
services, in the decision-making process

Contextualising the European good practices and in particular highlighting crucial moments for the present and the future
of the Union, such as the Conference on the Future of Europe

Our partners

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