Generazione_E was born from the need to bring more and more young people closer to European opportunities.


One of the founding objectives of Europiamo has always been to “break the bubble”: there are lots of European opportunities, but still too few young people know them and can take advantage of them.


For this reason, in the last two years we have worked to create a tool that would allow youth people to find information and explore all the existing opportunities.


The initial idea was to create a mini guide, Erasmus for Dummies, but as we figured out how to develop this idea together, we realized that our goal is to make European opportunities the means to implement and shape the pillars of the European Youth Strategy 21-27: Engage, Empower, Connect.


And above all, we understood that these opportunities represent a springboard for an entire generation that is always looking for new stimuli, new projects, new opportunities. And therefore we have not created a mini guide, but a tool to generate empowerment.


Generazione_E represents all of us who consider ourselves Europeans even before being Italians. We are the backpacker generation, who want to explore and make Europe and the world their home.

We are the generation with a more critical eye on the world and with a huge responsibility on our shoulders: building a space for young people within our society, giving them the tools to act concretely and generate positive change.

Discover the symbols of Generation_E


We are a generation on the move, towards Europe and towards the world

Inverted triangle

We are a revolutionary generation, we want to overthrow the current state of things to create a bottom up system


We are an inclusive generation that doesn't want to leave anyone behind


We are a generation that wants to make a difference and we want to be a guide for today's young people and tomorrow's adults


We are a global generation that does not see borders as barriers and sees Europe and the world as home

European opportunities are for us at Europiamo the most concrete means we know in order to generate this empowerment.

Because they not only allow you to travel, meet new cultures and broaden your horizons, but above all because they allow you to grow on a personal and professional level, acquiring the much-requested “soft skills”, transversal skills that the education system is not always able to transmit.

We started with the idea of ​​describing Erasmus Plus and the European Solidarity Corps, but then we realized that there is a lack of detailed information for all the other existing opportunities and this often leads young people to stay out of it. So this column has expanded to all existing – funded – opportunities.

You will find 13 articles, one for each of the existing macro opportunities, which will allow you to start orienting yourself and understanding more about them. We will add more soon.

Each article follows the same structure: we tell you in detail what the opportunity is, who can participate, how it works, how you can apply, what the financed expenses are and we give you a handful of good reasons to participate.

What are you waiting for? Start discovering European opportunities!